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A podcast that rips back the curtain on the Stand-Up world and the people who thrive in it. Laugh, and cry, as Terry-Ann Zander and Terri Walters delve into the backstories of today’s funniest jokesters.

Aug 21, 2020

Drawing on her Brooklyn upbringing and family dynamic, Randi’s unique brand of comedy springs from her belief that “there’s healing in laughter and in telling the truth”… and the reality that the truth can be absurd, ridiculous, and oh so comical!


3:58 | Terry-Ann

Introducing Randi Simon Lupo: Writer,...

Aug 7, 2020

From her first comedic inspiration working at Chicken Delight (an iconic Hudson County, NJ fast food restaurant), to her family of funny people, to the high school classroom, listen in on how stand-up comedian, Janet Regensburg finds the funny in everything.


Janet Regensburg

Facebook: Janet Regensburg,