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A podcast that rips back the curtain on the Stand-Up world and the people who thrive in it. Laugh, and cry, as Terry-Ann Zander and Terri Walters delve into the backstories of today’s funniest jokesters.

Nov 13, 2020

Rob, a naturally shy guy, developed his comedic stylings after many years of avoiding the limelight. It was finally his stepping on stage, and telling his first joke that allowed Rob to graduate from comedic potential to comedic possible. Rob has rubbed elbows with first-rate comedians and has garnered respect and appreciation by sharing the backstage world with his comedy family. He now lives his passion and enjoys giving back to his comedy community by, what he calls, facilitating others to find their humor. His best advice: Do the drive! Driving headliners has not only opened backstage doors for Rob, but it has also taught him how to mentor and “pay it forward” which has culminated in founding his online comedy workshop


9:17 | Terry-Ann

Introducing, Rob Cioffi: Performing stand-up comedy all over the United States and North America, Rob is the Founder of where comedians join in a unique community to hone their craft. Rob’s been a regular opening act for national headliners like Star Search’s winner Al LaBelle and HBO’s Comedy Hour with Bob Nelson. He was the MC-in-residence at the late Danny Aiello’s Comedy Club “Danny’s Upstairs” in Hoboken, NJ. Rob is a Comedian, Actor, Writer, Director, Producer and a Male Model.


Episode 9 by the numbers:

11:15 | Rob

BEFORE comedy, I was a big shake ‘n bake chicken! What?


14:06 | Terry-Ann/Rob

What makes an introverted person pursue comedy? On finding the delight of making others laugh.


17:47 | Terry-Ann/Rob

Rubbing elbows and taking that amazing journey of finding support and love from your comedic family.


23:37 | Terry-Ann/Rob

The power of teaching, sharing, and helping the comedy community better their craft. My journey to launching: - The Virtual Comedy Writer's Room


28:58 | Terry-Ann/Rob

The keys to success for


34:39 | Terry-Ann/Rob

Driving Danny Aiello – the beginning of so many great beginnings.


42:00 | Terry-Ann/Rob

OUTTAKE: from Gregory Stock, Ph.D.’s, The Book of Questions 1987 ed. TAZ asks “What was your best, or worst, experience with drugs or alcohol?”


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